I remember the start of the work wherever you want movement. Telecommunting, flexible hours, hotspots all over the place, the end of traffic jams… We’re not there yet. The majority of people still get up in the morning, stand in the traffic jams, and clock in at least 8 hours at their desks. So what happened? I’ve got my laptop, my mobile phone, and that’s all I need to keep me going. Ok, throw in an always on broadband internet pipe and I’m really happy… even more now after we switched to iPass global roaming. This works great when travelling, you get to work from wherever you get the chance. But when in the country, I still do my desk duty.

Why is that? Company policy? Peer pressure about being seen in the office? Fear that people will slack off and work less instead of the same or more? In comes the example of Best Buy, who are changing to ROWE, which stands for Results-Only Work Environment where it counts more what you do instead of when you do it. Read more on it in this Business Week article.