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Always think Attack - what does self-defense have to do with management

Some years ago, I assisted Ignace Van Doorselaere with the creation of his book "Always Think Attack, street fighting techniques for managers". This project allowed me to combine my professional knowledge with my activities as a self-defense…
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Reading: The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

When you think of Netscape, those of us old enough to remember the browser, thinks of Marc Andreessen. But at Netscape (and Opsware), he was joined by Ben Horowitz. Together they founded venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz. This book…
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Personal brand and personal brain

You are what you tweet. How to work on your personal brand online, throught Fast Company. Using social networking to build your professional brand. I’m not sure if I’d follow the advice to “find five new people to follow or connect with…
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Steve Jobs on marketing & identifying your core values

Next to the products, Steve Jobs also drove the marketing of Apple relentlessly forward. Click here to read the article and see the presentation on how he talks about getting the company back on message, after he took the helm of the company…
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One more argument against multitasking

We may think we multitask, but in reality we switch-task, and it's not doing us any good, according to an article at HBR.   The author of the article stopped multitasking, and discovered six things: First, it was delightful. Second,…


www.checklist.com ... it's a great site for whenever you need a ... checklist! Any checklist.

“Bosses Overestimate Their Managing Skills” .. really?

Good advice: "It doesn't matter what industry you're in. People have blind spots about where they're weak," says Scott Erker, a senior vice president at DDI, which conducted the survey in September. link at WSJ.  

The Abilene paradox

The previous post on the Asoh defense led me to another real gem, the Abilene paradox. Where I work, they have something called "disagree and commit". It's a good principle if it works, and when there is ample time to discuss, as this post…

Dumb moves on facebook

Imagine telling your boss you're off for a family emergency.Imagine going to a halloween party instead.Imagine posting a picture of you at the party on facebook.Imagine your boss also being on facebook.you can imagine the result here.
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Time for a bore-out?

Irritable when returning home from work? Drained of emotion? Well, then you could be suffering from ... bore-out. In this article two researchers describe the phenomenon and how people end up there.Oh, and the manager is usally to blame. It…