Big big big…

It strikes me how everyting is so big in the US. Big burgers, big cars, and of course big people. 😉 And then there’s the styrofoam. I would have imagined that over here in California, with its strict laws on smoking and driving, they would be on the forefront of environmentally friendly packaging. Think again… everywhere I looked it’s been styrofoam galore.

Oh, and I had my first car accident. Most Americans can ‘t drive either: one tried to park his car in my trunk (boot?) when I had to stop for the car in front of me. Strange, they put signs everywhere: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, “Caution, contents hot” (after the infamous McDonals coffee spilling trial), yet they have failed to put one on the front windshield of American cars: “Caution, car in front of you is closer than it appears” or “Your braking reflexes are worse than you think”.

Another culture shock today. Even the traffic announcements get sponsored here in the US now. “…Traffic is still heavy on Cupertino avendue and third, and by the way, go buy someting at Sears. Because Sears is the place to go for holiday shopping (blahblahblah)”. I wonder when it’s going to catch on in Belgium. 😉