MTGoogle or GoogleTV?

MTV and Google have surely seen the success of YouTube, and how more and more artists are using that as a platform to get “online airplay”.

Google will start showing content from MTV on its websites, complemented with video-ads of course (hey, money’s got to be made somewhere). You’ll also be able to download some MTV programs for a small fee.

The full press release can be found here (warning: lots of exciting blah blah to be found there).


FastCompany article about Malcolm Gladwell, the author of “The tipping point” and “Blink“.

The part of “momentary autism” is worth a read. How often do most of us not make decisions in the blink of an eye, based on all of our prejudices? Sometimes right ones, sometimes totally wrong ones …

Noteworthy quote: “only by accepting the risk of failure will you ever hit a home run“.

Cool McDonalds Store Idea: Grab and Go Zone

I came across the concept of the McDonalds “grab and go” Zone on Marketing Online. For all its simplicity and the fact that it must exist somewhere already, this is an ideal way for McD to cater towards singles.

Business Week had the whole story here. It is their first major make-over in about 30 years, but integrating the grab&go zone is what really made me think they did their homework on this one. It will feature tall counters with barstools for customers who eat alone, and it comes complete with plasma TVs to entertain them with news and weather reports.

More Lazer Testing

I have been using the Lazer Granville the last weeks when driving the motorcycle, and still very happy with it. No discomfort from wearing it, not even with sunglasses. I’m just a bit scared that I’ll rip off the plastic part on the top cooling fin when closing it.

On other helmets, there’s extra cooling openings on the front. I miss them a bit sometimes, but to be honest, when driving a slow speeds, just flipping open the helmet is so refreshing I don’t really miss extra cooling in the helmet.

Inevitable, I did get stuck in the rain with it once: no leaks, everything still visible and no fogging up. Peripheral vision is great, I can see lots of stuff out of the corner of my eyes. Now if only it would rain less over here.