The Startup Curve

“Ideas are just a multiplier of execution”. To see the true value, you need to multiply the idea with the execution.

If you have a startup, how can you hire your A-team?

One of the things that is important to grow your startup and scale-up is the team composition. Investors tend to look at the team behind the startup, and prefer well-balanced teams. Especially the core team needs to have what we call “complementary skills” – you can’t all be the CEO or the head of tech or the finance wizard.

Venture Capital, the Secret Service and the military

What do spies, soldiers and venture capital have to do with each other, you might ask? Well, even spies need innovative new ways of working and spying. Not to mention that the whole security and protection market is also moving online. Servers and sensitive data need to be protected … or hacked. New wearable technologies need to be developed to support agents and soldiers in the field.

Is there a second valley of death for startups and scale-ups?

Recently, some articles popped up talking about the further challenges for scale-ups, namely in wat is now dubbed “the second valley of death”. What happens to companies once they have secured their first funding rounds and achieved product-market fit?

Some years ago, I assisted Ignace Van Doorselaere with the creation of his book “Always Think Attack, street fighting techniques for managers“. This project allowed me to combine my professional knowledge with my activities as a self-defense instructor. The purpose of the book was to help create better managers that keep the focus on their […]