About ME


I have worked in various positions in the high tech world with extensive experience in international environments, managing projects across countries and diverse environments working with high level stakeholders. Currently project managing various accelerator projects for Flanders and Europe.


Experienced in different marketing and communications areas, ranging from strategy over product management to marketing communications and media relations, working in organisations that range from startups to multinational corporations in the high tech, research/innovation and corporate venture capital sectors.

01. StrategY

What is keeping you up at night? Growing your startup? Finding the right path forward? 


Talking about innovation, it has sadly become an overused buzzword. For me it’s about staying relevant today, tomorrow, the next decade and beyond. For startups and scale-ups this means … growing. For corporates, this means going beyond the usual innovation theatre.


Contact me when you want to talk about innovation, your startup, your concerns, marketing or, well, just want to grab a good coffee…