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Just back from Telecom World in Geneva. Where it was once a “fest” in 1999 of what I’ll call the “old style telecoms” (Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, etc.), it has shifted now to the Asian players. Samsung owned the show with 2 stands and advertising all over the place. Quoting from the official ITU press release: “The show reflected the fast-changing nature of the telecommunications industry, with a strong presence from Asia. More than 145 of the 911 exhibitors represented the Asia-Pacific region, including large companies such as NTT DoCoMo, Sony and NEC showcasing their latest technology, while Panasonic, Sanyo and Samsung featured consumer products just coming to market.” And then there was LG Electronics, that other Korean giant next to Samsung with yet another big stand. I’d say “the asians are coming” … but it should actually be: “they’re already here”. Click here for the Business Week article “Telecom’s Future: Made in China?”.