People have been talking about the digital living room for years, but nothing much ever happened. I think the times may be changing. I’ve been surfing around, and seen this nice Sony system (which means I may have to come back on my self-imposed Sony-ban) as well other think anq quiet system from companies like Acer, Dell, Fujitsu. Doubtless more are to come. All part of the ViiV wave and the mediacenter push.

The more I look at my patched together living room entertainment system, the more I long for one of these all-in-one systems. There’s a cable mess connecting the television to the video recorder, the X-Box, the DVD player, the amplifier, some cables dangling to plug in the MP3 player or notebook if needed, but no connection to the hard disk which holds all the pictures and music. Can’t wait for the new systems to come out at a good price-point. Does anyone out there already own these? Are you happy?