Yes, it’s been beaten to death all over the blogosphere, the story about Microsoft sending free Ferrari laptops with Vista to selected bloggers. Well, actually it was their PR company, Edelman. And I guess Acer was also involved (I don’t think Microsoft had to pay for those notebooks either).

So I’m not going to beat it even more, just point you to this article on the Inquirer from Charlie Demerjian. I like how he puts it all back into perspective. Yes, they’ve done something stupid (send expensive hardware to bloggers who are not accustomed to getting packages like this at their door on a regular basis), but no, it’s not a dirty trick this time. Review machines are sent out all the time to publications and no one ever complained about that.

The solution to Blogosphere disasters: hire Clo.

PS: The list of items The Inquirer is declaring here is pretty funny. 🙂