This one is so funny, and oh so true. Just had to post this list of Web Startups and the Lying Liars that Lie About Them from Mashable.

10 semi-truths Mashable uses “for the sake of brevity, hyperbole or just plain laziness“.

1. “It’s the X of Y!!” Wherein X represents a hot service with $25 million in VC, and Y represents something that has no fathomable relation to X. Example: Cheese is the YouTube of foodstuffs.

2. “it’s entering a crowded market” Truth: this is the 21st frigging social bookmarking site I’ve reviewed this week.

3. “it’s lightweight version of X” Truth: site has less features than your browser’s About:Blank page.

4. This one may “gain traction” – A Mashable stalwart. Truth: I have no clue whether this startup will take off, but if it happens, I called it!

5. “it’s very alpha”. Truth: site is less reliable than MySpace, a fact that should defy the laws of physics.

6. “it needs more work”. Truth: if there was a state before alpha, pre-alpha, and super pre-alpha, this site would be it.

7. “it has failed to gain traction” – Truth: pwned.

8. “a social network with XX million users” Where XX is a totally fictional number the founders made up, and we took it as fact.

9. It’s The XYZ Killer!! – Wherein XYZ represents an amazingly popular one-of-a-kind service and the thing doing the killing launched today on a server in the 13 year old founder’s bedroom.

10. “?” Ah, the question mark, the ultimate lie! Printing an unsubstantiated rumor from a stranger named Dave is bad journalism. You might be wrong. But put a question mark after it, and you called it either way! Suggestions: Digg Acquired by Donald Trump?, Metacafe Worth $1 Trillion?, Queen of England Reads Mashable Daily?