The Benelux Event Awards (BEA) are given to the best campaigns by a jury of event marketing professionals. I was lucky enough to sit in that jury, where we judged over 30 cases to end up with the below list. We looked for events that had that something extra, that went beyond merely executing a customer briefing. It was good to see to see there were so many agencies participating, and to see the level of creativity in them.

An overview of the nominees and winners who got their prizes at the BEA event in the Zaventem SkyHall:

Field Marketing
Nominee – New World with Fruitella
BEA Award – Promo Sapiens with Dodge

BEA Award – Guava with Centea

Product Launches
Nominee – Minotaur with Peugeot
BEA Award – Quest with Niko

Press Events
BEA Award – B-art with SN Brussels Airlines

Customer Events
Nominee – XSaga with Robeco
Nominee – Guava with Nokia
BEA Award – Minotaur with Schneider

Personnel events
Nominee – Event Masters with Fortis
BEA Award – Event Masters with GB

Commercial events
Nominee – Bananas with Gouden Gids

Cultural and public events
Nominee – Navajo with Masterfoods
BEA Award – UC Belgium with JAGA (Burning Man)

Price of the Jury
Eventives with Mastercard

Price for Event with the highest ROI
Guava with Opel