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Passing through China

Well, I'm not exactly passing through China, but rather visiting Shanghai for the Intel Developer forum. It's an interesting city, and with a population of 18 million people there are actually more people living there than in my own country.…

Blogging over at the Mobile World Congress

I'm officially one of the bloggers at our Technology Blog over at the Mobile World Congress. So go over there and see what we're thinking about the new technologies we see at the show.
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Wired on the iPhone history

Wired's report on the history of the iPhone and its impact on the US carrier market. Read more here
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It's all about getting people to notice you, so here is a nice video of how they did it by wildbeaming, a form of beamvertising. Pretty cool. Limited to cities though. Video also available on YouTube

101 dumbest moves in business

It's list time again ... check out the 101 dumbest moves in business for 2007.

The Abilene paradox

The previous post on the Asoh defense led me to another real gem, the Abilene paradox. Where I work, they have something called "disagree and commit". It's a good principle if it works, and when there is ample time to discuss, as this post…

Dumb moves on facebook

Imagine telling your boss you're off for a family emergency.Imagine going to a halloween party instead.Imagine posting a picture of you at the party on facebook.Imagine your boss also being on facebook.you can imagine the result here.
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Time for a bore-out?

Irritable when returning home from work? Drained of emotion? Well, then you could be suffering from ... bore-out. In this article two researchers describe the phenomenon and how people end up there.Oh, and the manager is usally to blame. It…

Infomania and ADT

Intel recently published "Infomania", a paper on e-mail overload, over at firstmonday . Although the topic has been reviewed on the internet numerous times, this paper talks about some real life experiences from within Intel.For example, did…
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Polar Rose versus IDPS (IDentity Protection System)

Everybody puts their pictures online. Picasa, flickr, you just name them. But what if your friend puts a picture with YOU on it online? Cue the IDPS (IDentity Protection System), a sticker you wear that "tells" a camera taking a snapshot of…