Passwords and more

Passwords and more

I came across an interesting post over at Lifehacker on passwords. It would seem that a lot of people still use passwords they can remember easily, and as such, easily guessable by others too, not to mention easily cracked by brute force attacks.

password hacking times

Password hacking times

Click here for the Lifehacker article on passwords.

Read it, think about it … and then go and change your password.

Passing through China

Well, I’m not exactly passing through China, but rather visiting Shanghai for the Intel Developer forum. It’s an interesting city, and with a population of 18 million people there are actually more people living there than in my own country. Go figure. Actually, that could be a scary thought… or a comforting one, if you take into account the saying that “No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats, 1.3 billion Chinese couldn’t care less.” To be honest, it might be up to 1.4 by now as the 1.3 figure was almost a year ago. Oh, and did I mention that they likely have the largest online population too now. Well, almost.

On board of my KLM flight was also a Dutch delegation on a one-week china trip. Follow their journey on (Dutch only).

On a side-note, It was a bit of an adjustment to see all those people smoking everywhere again, as we’ve had so many bans on smoking in Europe, that it’s hard to imagine that many smokers all over the place again. I was also surprised that I didn’t see that many fancy new cars all over the place… mabe I was just in the wrong district.