They key to life is … running and reading

Wise words from Will smith: Running and reading are the key to life. Look here as he explains why.Found through StrongLifts. Have a look there for his analysis. I'm off to running now. ;-)
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Was the Matrix wrong?

Troed made an interesting comment yesterday: statistically there is a high probability that we are all avatars. Welcome to our self-chosen Matrix... Read all about the debate on the simulation argument websiteThe site is a debate about the possibility…
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Time for a bore-out?

Irritable when returning home from work? Drained of emotion? Well, then you could be suffering from ... bore-out. In this article two researchers describe the phenomenon and how people end up there.Oh, and the manager is usally to blame. It…

Never trust a horoscope again – think cold reading and the Forer effect

Not that you ever should have trusted a horoscope to begin with, but after seeing this movie everyone should think twice. This is one episode of a series by Derren Brown about how people get tricked. The techniques used in the move are called…
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Polar Rose versus IDPS (IDentity Protection System)

Everybody puts their pictures online. Picasa, flickr, you just name them. But what if your friend puts a picture with YOU on it online? Cue the IDPS (IDentity Protection System), a sticker you wear that "tells" a camera taking a snapshot of…