How to Think (Stephen Reid) In a fast and complex world, we can’t work any harder so we have to work smarter. The ability to think clearly, quickly and creatively is crucial, yet many of us don’t realise how limited our thinking is. Intriguing book on how to ‘think’ better …    

I don’t really believe their “updated in real time” claim, but still, interesting yet scary figures are to be found on the World statistics site (link here).

From BringTheLoveBack, found through the Muse blog. Hm, I think this is also what the relationship between the customer and the agency is like sometimes.

Here I was, standing at shore of the Huangpu river, quietly overlooking Shanghai, when this came floating by. Now, there are a lot of screens already all over the city: huge LED billboards on buildings, LCD screens in taxi’s, plasma screen in subway stations, gyms and whatnot. You name it, they have a screen with […]

Well, I’m not exactly passing through China, but rather visiting Shanghai for the Intel Developer forum. It’s an interesting city, and with a population of 18 million people there are actually more people living there than in my own country. Go figure. Actually, that could be a scary thought… or a comforting one, if you […]