Everybody loves a good story, whether it’s in a book, a movie, or told by a great speaker. No wonder then that stories are an excellent way for companies to get their message across. Story-what? So what is storytelling? Wikipedia tells us that storytelling is “the social and culture activity of conveying stories in words, […]

Radical Marketing  (Sam Hill, Glenn Rifkin) Radical marketing is a new way of looking at brands and marketing. Building and sustaining great brands has re-emerged as a crucial issue for companies both large and small. From the Amazon page: “In this fresh, provocative book, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin identify the mar-keting strategies that have […]

Here’s a good overview by Rand Fishkin (Moz) who presents his summary of what to love and what to leave in SEO for 2015. Helping customers find you online – Rand Fishkin at Business of Software Conference 2014 from The BLN, Business of Software

How bad do you want it? It’s a question you need to ask yourself before taking up anything. How bad do you want to get ahead? How bad do you want that promotion, that job? How bad do you want to get (back) in shape? Are you willing to do what it takes? Honestly, most of […]

You are what you tweet. How to work on your personal brand online, throught Fast Company. Using social networking to build your professional brand. I’m not sure if I’d follow the advice to “find five new people to follow or connect with every day”. That’s 1825 people a year, or 18250 over 10 years… that’s […]