Posted this in 2006.. Not much seems to have improved. The way of the future indeed.

We may think we multitask, but in reality we switch-task, and it’s not doing us any good, according to an article at HBR.   The author of the article stopped multitasking, and discovered six things: First, it was delightful. Second, he made significant progress on challenging projects. Third, his stress dropped dramatically. Fourth, he lost […] … it’s a great site for whenever you need a … checklist! Any checklist.

Six keys to being excellent. We are what we repeatedly do. If you want to be really good at something, it’s going to involve relentlessly pushing past your comfort zone, along with frustration, struggle, setbacks and failures. Here is some more on self-control and willpower: “how to boost your willpower“.  

Harvard Business Review has an interesting article on personal social media strategies. The first example in the article really drives it home. Even if you don’t have a social media strategy yourself, or are not active on social media, others that talk to you are, and they may quote whatever you say to them on […]