Advanced Brand Management (Paul Temporal) If you’re into branding, read this book. It reveals the sophisticated branding techniques implemented by some of the world’s leading companies. It covers up-to-date strategies such as brand stretching and brand architecture.  

The Myth of Excellence: Why Great Companies Never Try to Be the Best at Everything (Frederick A. Crawford, Ryan Mathews) “Figure out what you do best and don’t dwell on the rest.” Some mistakes in business are obvious. One that may not be so apparent is “the mistake of universal excellence.” Too many companies try […]

One of the Belgian online “media centrals” recently presented a new concept of theirs at one of our IDM meetings: dayparting. It’s kind of a prime-time concept for online advertising. Whereas before you just bought X number of banner impressions, you now buy specific timeslots online (just like for TV and radio advertising). They have […]

Marketing minds unite! I’ve joined the Toink team as a guest editor. Toink is a site for ‘ independently bouncing marketing thoughts’. If you want to read my marketing thoughts there, go and have a look. Just make sure to find your way back here. 😉

While we’re on the subject of news and blogging. I came across some articles on CNN about blogging related to the war in Iraq. The question of course is … can these blogs be trusted as a source of news? Both sides seem to be actively blogging about the war. There’s the case of a […]