Conference call fun! Have you ever been in a conference call, and doing all sorts of things except paying attention? Well, good news: you’re not alone. Some company (RoperASW/Tandberg) has actally done a survey about when people do durig conference calls… well, there’s one thing half of them are NOT doing: paying attention. What they […]

Disruptive technologies?

Check out this article from the Photo Marketing: November 2003 issue. So some people have read “The Innovator’s Dilemma”.. but does that entitle them to call the cameraphone a disruptive technology? I don’t think so. Quoting from what a DT (Disruptive Technology) is: “This is a technology that changes the industry in such a way […]

We’re having an interesting discussion about the future of Nokia on Toink. Feel free to join in and share your views! Is Nokia dying, being overrun by the Asians, or will it rise from its ashes?

Witness the power of euh? … a rather strange yet cool site I came along in my wanderings on the Internet.

Just back from Telecom World in Geneva. Where it was once a “fest” in 1999 of what I’ll call the “old style telecoms” (Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, etc.), it has shifted now to the Asian players. Samsung owned the show with 2 stands and advertising all over the place. Quoting from the official ITU press release: […]