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“Everything we hear is an opinion,
not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective,
not the truth.”

Marcus Aurelius

Reading: The Elephant and the Flea

Reading: The Elephant and the Flea

The Elephant and the Flea (Charles Handy) The Elephant and the Flea is both a poignant personal memoir and a deep reflection on the past and future of world capitalism, with all its possibilities and pitfalls. In a tone that is at once learned, genial, witty, and...

Don’t believe the hype

ComputerWorld's list of the 21 Biggest Technology Flops where they "fondly recall 21 overpromoted products and technologies that utterly failed to live up to their hype".This one ties in perfectly to my previous post. Let it be a warning…

Second Life

Yes … Second Life … The NextBigThing. Everyone's been writing about it frantically. Except for me. Because I'm not a believer. I have seen hypes come and go, I have seen companies rise to fame and disappear into oblivion. And I am not convinced by SL. Sure, it has the...

Two interesting articles in the Smart Business Strategies (SBS) this month.One about getting Belgium to the 10% online ad spend level by 2010. The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) in Belgium has recently launched a campaign to get the online ad spend up to 10% by...

The average lifecyle of a CMO

23.2 months. That's how long a CMO (Chief Marketing officer) tends to survive in a company. That is less than 2 years... doesn't seem long at all does it? More on that here.If you're a CMO, you might want to go read BtoB's take on how to survive: Be indispensable....

Benelux Event Awards: and the winner is

The Benelux Event Awards (BEA) are given to the best campaigns by a jury of event marketing professionals. I was lucky enough to sit in that jury, where we judged over 30 cases to end up with the below list. We looked for events that had that something extra, that...

Don’t watch this trailer

OK, do go and watch it then right here and click on the video. Great idea to incorporate a trailer in a "blog". Found through Brandactivation.

Try and avoid this in 2007

The 101 dumbest moments in business, here on the Business 2.0 site. And for the marking folks, the dumbest marketing ideas from 2006 are right here (you'll need to click through all 28 of them).The full list can be found here.