WiFi Positioning systems

Today I came across Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS). It' s a "location platform" that uses the native 802.11 radio in your PC (or even your smartphone) to deliver accurate positioning.After installing the Loki plugin from the loki.com…

Halo 3 Science of Play

For all those (other) Halo fans out there, here is an insight on how Bungie Studios is working on the testing of Halo 3. Well worth a read.We have come a long way. I wonder if they ever did game testing like this on PacMan?Source: Wired
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Polar Rose versus IDPS (IDentity Protection System)

Everybody puts their pictures online. Picasa, flickr, you just name them. But what if your friend puts a picture with YOU on it online? Cue the IDPS (IDentity Protection System), a sticker you wear that "tells" a camera taking a snapshot of…

What is on the bookshelf today

Thanks to iBert, I came across Shelfari, a virtual bookshelf where you can share with the world what you're reading, and at the same time see who else is reading the same books and what they think of it. Here's my bookshelf.
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Reading: Only the Paranoid Survive

Only the Paranoid Survive (Andrew Grove) Ever heard of ‘strategic inflection points’? If not, catch up and read this book. It's about recognizing, overcoming and even profiting from the inevitable groundshifts in commercial life that, by…